Background of Stands

The Foundation dedicates itself to medical research and environmental conservation. It also has connections with underworld groups and studies many supernatural phenomena, such as the Pillar Men and Stands.
Through intensive research, the Foundation has learnt that Stands are a physical manifestation of one’s soul, and are only visible to those who have Stands themselves, who are usually referred to as Stand Users. Due to their visibility being limited, we are not able to provide photographic evidence that they exist, but have been able to record incidents that we suspect to be the work of Stands.
Stands are presented in a variety of different appearances, some of which are humanoid forms. Due to this variety, we have concluded that Stands are not made equal. A Stand’s power is usually influenced by their User’s mentality and can be detrimental if they lack the fighting spirit. According to classified sources, a Stand can work against their User and slowly kill them like a disease, which starts off with a high fever and later puts the User into a coma that they never wake up from.
From the information we have gathered, each Stand possesses a different ability unique to other Stands. The origin of Stands are still unknown, however, through intensive research, we have found that some individuals are born with it. We did, however, receive information from an unknown source that Stands are connected to an alien virus that was contained in a meteorite which had landed in Cape York in Greenland. According to research, the virus infected several people, most of which had died and the few who survived were granted Stands.
We are still in the process of researching this phenomenon.